Q1. What is an Article Directory Script?

A. Article Directory Script is a professional web-based software that will enable you to make your own online article directory containing numerous articles under relevant categories, available for internet users to view without charge.

Q2. How can I benefit from an Article Directory Site?

A. There are a lot of people who want to get their content and business seen by millions of ezine readers. Articles are a great way to do that as authors write short articles related to their business industry containing a by-line at the end containing author information, hence there's a great chance of increased target market traffic on their website. Today, people understand that article marketing is an effective means to building business credibility and hooking up new clients. With thousands of people interested in article marketing, you can bet a huge number of articles will be submitted to your article directory. Your articles will get indexed and ranked in search engines and will also attract a large number of viewers. With that, comes the value that high traffic will bring to your site. Hence you can benefit from:

  • Increased website traffic
  • Higher page rank
  • Ads

Q3. Why should I choose ArticleFriend Script over others in the market?

A. ArticleFriend Script outshines others article directory scripts owing to its easy-of-use, affordable price and the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing website. The ArticleFriend team provides unmatched customer service so you should know that when you deal with us, it is the beginning of a wonderful professional journey.

Q4. Can I see a demo of the script?

A. Of course you can. Please check out the front end demo and the admin demo to see what this amazing software has to offer.

Q5. I already have a website. Can ArticleDirectory Script match the layout and style?

A. Yep! It can be customized to fully match your existing site.

Q6. Who owns the data in my Article Directory?

A. You do. You can also export your data any time you want.


Q1. What is ArticleFriend Script developed in?

A. ArticleFriend Script is developed in PHP and MySql.

Q2. What version of PHP are you using?

A. We are currently using PHP version 4.4.

Q3.What version of MySql are you using?

A. We are currently using MySql version 3..

Q4. What are the software requirements for using ArticleFriend Script?

A.ArticleFriend Script has been designed so that the user can install it and run it with minimum requirements.

Software Requirements:

  • UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows NT (NT, 2000 and XP) server.
  • Apache, Netscape or Microsoft IIS web server.
  • MySQL databases. Microsoft Access is not supported.
  • MySQL (version 3.23 or higher.)
  • PHP (version 4.2.3 or higher) when possible.
  • Crontab is helpful but not required.

Hardware Requirements:

  • AMD/Pentium 300mhz or more.
  • 64 MB RAM (SDRAM preferably.)

Other Basic Requirements include:

  • Remote access via telnet/shell is helpful during installation.
  • FTP access is helpful during installation.
  • Time-run limitations are hurtful but not fatal to the script.

Note: Crontab is not required.

Q5. 5. Does the script offer cross browser compatibility?

A. It does! Your visitors can visit it using any of the popular browsers including: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.


Q1. How will I install ArticleFriend Script?

A. Installing ArticleFriend Script is easy. After purchase, upload the script to your site. Then go to your site and open the folder containing ArticleFriend Script. Please follow the instructions in the file 'install.php' and you will have your article directory up and about in no time.

Q2. What if I have problems installing the software?

A. Worry not, contact us and Our software specialists will install ArticleFriend Script on your server for as little as $39.

Q3. What about upgrades? Are they free?

A. You will get free updates for one year after purchasing the script. After that you will need to purchase the license again if you want to get new updates as our prices are already very competitive.

Q4. What does ArticleFriend Script Package include?

A. It includes ArticleFriend Script and ArticleFriend Manual.


Q1. What are the key member features of ArticleFriend Script?

A. Key member features of ArticleFriend Script are:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlimited author accounts
  • RSS feeds option
  • RSS builder option
  • View latest published articles
  • View most popular authors
  • View and read most popular articles
  • Post Comments
  • Related article list displayed
  • Powerful Search facility
  • Content sorting
  • Export article to word and pdf
  • Print article
  • Email article
  • Bookmark article to popular bookmark sites
  • Rate article
  • View articles by author or by category
  • View other author's profile and picture
  • Compatible with multiple browsers
  • Auto breadcrumbs for easy backward navigation

Q2. What are the key admin features of ArticleFriend Script?

A. Key admin features of ArticleFriend Script are:

  • Completely Rebrandable
  • Easy to customize
  • Create unlimited admin accounts
  • Create unlimited categories and sub categories
  • Protect Website
  • Restrict specific categories
  • Display number of: total users, active users, total articles, submitted articles, visible articles, hidden articles, total categories, root categories and sub categories
  • Easily edit articles
  • Calendar feature
  • Integrated glossary
  • Built in advanced WYSIWYG editor for sending HTML email messages, send private messages, or messages to all users
  • Populate contact list
  • Set users as public or private
  • Easy to Use Smarty templates
  • View stats of users, articles, categories, popular articles, popular authors etc.
  • Set account status to active or inactive
  • Mail all Members or individual member
  • Display number of times each article is viewed
  • Related article detection option
  • Have an attachment with an article
  • Use predefined templates
  • Google Adsense Optimized Article Management Solution
  • SEO friendly URL's
  • Backup all articles
  • Captcha (Signup Image Verification) facility in the registration process

For more on product features click here.

Q3. What is an RSS builder and RSS feed?

A. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a family of Web feed formats which used to publish frequently updated content. Through RSS, you can stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in. It's a great way of sharing and retrieving information.

Q4. How can I customize ArticleFriend Script?

A. ArticleFriend Script is easy to customize. By using your admin rights in the template section in the admin area, you can completely customize the main site according to your requirements. Smarty templates are there to provide you the flexibility and ease you need.

Q5. How many administrators can I have?

A. You can have as many administrators as you want, making the administration of the article directory easy, manageable and fun. Distinct admin accounts can be made with password protection.

Q6. Is there a limit to the number of categories and sub categories I can make?

A. Not at all. You can go to an unlimited depth by creating all the categories and sub categories you require.

Q7. How can I backup all the data?

A. In the admin section, go to Backup section; enter the file name such as 'backup'. Click the generate button. All the content (categories, subcategories, users, admins and articles) will be backed up on that file.

Q8. I want to make money through this but am not sure how to. Can you help me on this?

A. ArticleFriend Script gives you a wonderful opportunity to work smart and make good dollars. There are multiple ways of doing so:

1 Google ad sense ads

Get Google ads relevant to the content on your site. And for every click, you get a share.

2. Yahoo publisher ads

Get Yahoo ads relevant to the content on your site. And for every click, you get a share.

3. or even by running your own custom banners

or even by running your own custom banners through the advertising module in admin area


Q1. Are there any packages for ArticleFriend Script?

A. O yes there are! Check out the deals below and order what suits you best.

Single Website License: $59

Install ArticleFriend Script on a Single Website

10 Websites License: $159

Install ArticleFriend Script on up to 10 Websites

Unlimited Website Licenses: $299

Install ArticleFriend Script on Unlimited Websites as long as they are your own Websites

Developers License: $999

Redistribute, Customize, Rebrand and Resell ArticleFriend Script as part of your applications

ArticleFriend Script Installation Services: $39

Our software specialists will install and set up ArticleFriend Script on your server. To help you become familiar with ArticleFriend software, we provide a demo database that includes a small product catalog, several predefined users and a number of test orders.

Website Integration Services: $99

Our Software Specialists can seamlessly integrate ArticleFriend Script to your Website design. Although integrating is very easy with our Smarty Templates, however, If you do not have the time , we can do it for you.

Branding Free Option: $59

Want to remove the Copyright and Powered By notice? Purchase this option. You are not allowed to remove the notice unless this option is purchased, doing so will result in breach of the License Agreement.

For further details click here.

Q2. If I want to install ArticleFriend Script on multiple websites; do I have to purchase multiple licenses?

A. The single license option would not permit you to install the script on multiple sites. For that you will have to purchase multiple licenses.


Q1. How will I receive the product?

A. You will be able to download ArticleFriend Script by logging into your customer account at Go to the Download Area in the Member Options in order to download the script


Q2. How soon will I receive the product after purchase?

A. You can download the product from your account after 6 hrs of payment.

Q3. How will I know I can download the script?

A. You will receive notification through email that your product is ready for download.


Q1. How much does ArticleFriend Script cost?

A. We have tried to keep the prices as low as possible. Please check out the packages page for a complete price detail.

Q2. Are there any discounts?

A. The script is offered to you at an already discounted price of $59 per license.

Q3. How do I pay for the product?

A. At, we accept credit cards through 2checkout and paypal. However, we do not accept money order and cheques.


Q2. How can I contact you?

A. Simply fill up the contact form to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.