The ArticleFriend Script will:

ArticleFriend Script is a professional turn-key software to help webmasters develop impressive online article directories. Developed in PHP and MySQL, ArticleFriend Script is tailored to provide you the tools you need to develop and manage an efficient article directory service, promising you lots of authors, articles and website traffic. ArticleDirectory script is an affordable solution to setting up an attractive, profitable online article directory in the least time. Check out a list of Features to see what this promising software has to offer. OR try the or the front-end demo to get a feel of the real software. OR if you are ready to purchase it,Order now!

ArticleFriend Script-Features for effective management ArticleFriend script has some impressive features that are designed to help administrators manage the article directory effectively, easily and efficiently. Multiple administrators can share the management role. With the stats at one glance, administrators can see all relevant details pertaining to users, authors, and articles etc. another useful feature for the administrators is that the whole data including all categories, subcategories and articles can be backed up at any time. Have a look at the complete list of features for members and admin to learn more about ArticleFriend Script. Check out the Features now!

All about System Requirements

ArticleFriend Script has been developed so as to run on all common servers with minimum or no installations. Nevertheless, feel free to check the System Requirements page for further system requirement details.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions in ArticleFriend script's comprehensive FAQs section. If you have a question that's not answered there, feel free to contact us through the Contact Form. Our staff will would love to assist you.